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Tulja Bhavani Pest Control was established in 2010. We are offering expert pest control services for General Fumigation, Pre and Post Termite Treatment, Malaria and Dengue Control Contractor and MB / HF Treatment for residential as well as commercial requirement. Our Commercial Pest Management Service offers the highest level of Protection to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Non-Food Industries, Warehouses, Offices, and Residential Premises etc. We are a Specialist Company who are dedicated to solving Pest Problems while meeting the new environmental challenge to ensure that we provide you with Preventative and Curative method to treat infestation and to ensure that there are No Undesirable Pests, No Excessive Pesticide Residues, No Re-infestation and No Adverse Ecological effect.

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We provide a wide range of pest control services including termite, bed bugs, rodent/mouse, cockroaches, lizards, honey bee, flies, mosquitoes, insects.

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We are open 7 days a week and will provide the service within 24 hours. We believe in giving a service which makes our customer happy because we know that only happy customers will refer us more customers.

icon Herbal Methods

We understand that your kids might be at danger if toxic material is used for pest control, So we make sure that we only use herbal methods wherever possible. We are as concerned for your safety as you are!!


  • Bed Bugs Control Treatment

    The chemical communication, as well as the mating behavior, of bed bugs has received increased attention in recent years as bed bug infestations have increased worldwide. Mating is exclusively traumatic, with the male piercing an opening in the female and ejaculating directly into the abdominal cavity.

  • Termite Control Treatment

    Commonly known as white ants, termite destroy valuable property, documents, furniture & Furnished anything that contain cellulose, silently & swiftly before you even become aware of damage done, termites infest & breed underground in the soil. They crawl up through the minute cracks & crevices in the foundation and the wall of your building.

  • Honey Bee Control Treatment

    Tulja Bhavani pest Control, Pune is professionals when it comes to identifying the problem, removing the bees, and removing bee hives. Bee Control is what we do. With rising concerns of the killer bee more people are now looking to control their bee problems rather than avoid them.

  • Cockroaches Control Treatment

    If you don't counteract, cockroach infestation can quickly expand in just few number of days or weeks becoming hazardous to human health and hygiene. We offer quality and reliable solutions to control cockroach pest problem for hospitals, offices, hotels, apartments and houses. We use odorless, human safe spray chemical or gel to control cockroaches.

  • Mosquito Control Treatment

    We manage the population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health, economies, and enjoyment. Mosquito control is a vital public-health practice throughout the world and especially in the tropics because mosquitoes spread many diseases, such as malaria.

  • Wood-boring Pest Control

    Wood-boring beetle larvae feed on wood and wood products; adults emerge from larval feeding chambers through round, oblong, or D-shaped exit holes. Adults of some species also bore holes into plaster, plastic, and soft metals.

  • Fly Control

    Due to fly infection, lots of diseases are caused like Typhoid, Dysentery, Leprosy etc. They are commonly found in many places like houses, restaurants etc. We control the common housefly by making use of surface spray, traps and baits.

  • Insect control

    Household insects causes contamination of food, water etc and they are controlled by using insecticides.

  • Spider control

    They are common menace and are found in ceilings, corners of rooms and windows. The treatment of spider involves spraying of insecticides in large volumes which is long lasting.

  • Lizard control

    They are controlled by traps which bear a scent detectable by reptiles only.

  • Silver Fish control

    They are controlled by normal spraying of insecticides.

  • Rodent/Mouse control

    Rodent can spoil your business and peace of life, So we sure that they do not come again after sanitation

  • Our Other Services

    • Fumigation Pest Control
    • Heat Treatment
    • Snake Control
    • General Disinfection Pest
    • General Disinfection Pest
    • Herbal Pest Control Service


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